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Virasana today

Today while doing Virasana, I struggled to put back my Ego, Mind and Shoulders (in this order)


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Sirsasana on a boat

Sirsasana on a boat Peleg

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While practicing savasana, trying to become one with my essence, it was clear to me that instructions from the teacher helps to keep ones mind quiet. Practicing alone is the hardest.

How important it is to practice alone, and to give yourself your own instructions.

Today my son and I discussed his homework. He told me that it is very boring. I agreed that it was like that for me too most of the times, until later years in my work life. He replied – Of course, that’s becuase you learn what you choose to learn. The ability to really choose what you learn, is mostly reserved today for adults. 

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Utthita Trikonasana a simple pose.

Sometimes my teacher asks me if the session was too hard or too easy. I reply as always – “It is never too easy.” You can think alignment, you can think breathing, you can think pranayama, pratyahara and if it is not enough try to put your ego aside for a milisecond before the chita vritis again.

Instructional designer works hard to identify an exercise or a situation, that will enable a learner to practice her core skills and reveal attitudes.

Utthita Trikonasan is doing it for years. 

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Atha yoga anusasanam

Let us transfer yoga.

Transfer is an important principles of planned learning. You ask yourself how to create learning situations that by difinition will always be different than a true situation the learner will encounter. Sometimes you choose to copy a chosen reality instance as much as you can – with all complicating and surprising elements, like an exercise for troops with laser. In another case, you strive for transfer through analogies to real life – like building a rhapsody by a group of people that usually work together in offices – wishing behaviours that will not raise in a true life like simulation, will be revealed in this one. In both cases you wish for transfer.

The noblest of sages Patatnjali, who gave Yoga for serenity and sanctity of mind, starts his sutras with a claim for transfer. Indeed when doing Asanas, Pranayama, or Chanting Omm, there are some steps left to pace until one reaches the decrease of the mind’s waves- Chita vriti nirodaah.

Let us wish for transfer.

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טוב, עידכון מעניין – כמה פוסטים אחורה דיווחתי על לחץ תוך עיני שגורם סיכון לגלאוקומה

ובכן, הלחץ נעלם באורח פלא – האם בזכות התנוחות ההפוכות?

לא מקובל שלחץ נעלם לו סתם כך פתאום…

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CNN video interview


Thank you Eilli (like the coffee) for sending the link


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