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Doing asanas, is based on making our body our learning environment. 

As we need to transfer what we have learnt from a learning environment, to a true environment, so in Yoga, with one difference: you have the chance of making the body a true environment by itself.

This is one of my conclusions from the reading of “The tree of Yoga” by Mr. B.K.S. Iyenger, translated to Hebrew by Eyal Shifroni. Simple, clear and enlightening.


Tree of Yoga

Tree of Yoga


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When the first activity our learner needs to accomplish or practice is too complicated, we try to make it simpler. Two ways to do it – break an activity into its sub tasks and practice each one individually – thus loosing integration; or – scaffolding – giving the learner guidelines or specific help that enables to complete a simple task. The cons for scaffolding is the risk of getting addicted to it.

Parivrita trikonnasana. What will be better – to put your hand in front of your front leg while parivriting, or use a brick and put it behind the front leg, as it should be in the classic assana?

Using brick is scaffolding. It enables me to do a basic parivrita trico, in the “integrative” way. Same idea, by using a bolster in supta virsaana and so on.

Some time ago, my teacher asked me why am I using two bolsters in supta virasana. I found out I can use only one.

Remember the addiction potential of scaffolds.

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